Saturday, September 10, 2011

ReaderCon Filipino Friday Week 5: What I expect from ReaderCon

The 1st Filipino ReaderCon is coming up!

My reading has not been a social activity lately. It was, back in high school, when I would actively promote (push) books to friends. In college, I told the entire story of Carl Sagan's Contact -- with difference-between-book-and-film commentary -- to a friend who preferred that to actually reading the thing. (That was a very long lunch.) Now, even though I read new books, I rarely discuss them or write reviews. But maybe a session or two at the ReaderCon will get me to "make it social" again.

I'm also expecting to learn more about what Filipino readers want, which I'm very curious about (as an author and publisher).

See you on September 14!

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  1. i know it's going to be awesome! i hope that you do a post-event post and let us know what you thought.

    and "contact" over lunch? hahahha. at least now there's a movie. but i love oral storytelling too!