Friday, September 2, 2011

ReaderCon Filipino Friday Week 4: Philippine Lit

"Reading" to me means mostly novels and novellas, and these are the Filipino authors/novelists I've read since 2004 (when I started my book list).

Arlene J. Chai
F. Sionil Jose
Abi Aquino
Tweet Sering
Carla M. Pacis
Tara FT Sering
Bob Ong
Maya Burgos Cruzada
M.D. Balangue
Zara Irigo
Anna Ishikawa
Katrina Ramos Atienza
Abi Malonzo
Faye Ilogon
Jose Rizal
Miriam Delos Santos
Marla Miniano
Melissa dela Cruz
Vince O. Teves
Miguel Syjuco
Andrea Pasion
Maya Calica
Claire Betita
Marian Pinera
Martha Cecilia
David Hontiveros
Samantha Sotto

Graphic novels: Budjette Tan, Carlo Vergara

Not all of them were published in the Philippines, and not all of them have written specifically about the Philippines. My goal however has been to read more novels by Filipinos, and this list will keep growing.

My rather biased recommendation though is my husband, Michael AR Co. He hasn't (finished) a novel yet, but I'm a genuine fan of his work.

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  1. Wow, that's a long list! I had forgotten the Melissa dela Cruz is a Filipino author.

    Is your husband working on a novel now? I've read The God Equation and really enjoyed it (although all those mathematical concepts gave me a headache).:D

  2. Thanks, Celina! He's always kind of working on one, but now it's more serious na. :)

  3. What an impressive list! which book by which author would you recommend i go with .. as a first? :)

  4. @aloi Trese! It's a series, so you'll have to start with #1, Murder on Balete Drive. My favorite is the third one though, Mass Murders. :)

  5. Aloi is right, your list is impressive! My list is hiding in shame right now.:) Oh, I haven't had a local graphic novel before. Trese looks pretty cool. I'll add that one on my list. :)

  6. Haha! I love how you support your husband. Trese is definitely cool. Mass Murders is my favorite, too. Love the history of the Kambal.

  7. I've been meaning to read your husband's work ever since I met both of you in one of the Filipino Book Bloggers' meet ups. And I like how you have other Filipino chick lit authors in your list. :) Also, you've read Miriam de los Santos! I call her Ate Mhir, I know her from my college days because she was the OSA director when I was in Ateneo. Haven't read her book though.

  8. @fantaghiro
    He doesn't blog kasi eh, so I get to talk about him all I want. :P

    Mhir was my blockmate! So kung "ate" mo siya... oh no! Heehee.

  9. Ate Mhir was your blockmate? LOL small world! So should I start calling you Ate Mina? :P

  10. hi I was googling myself just for fun today and found your blog! :)