Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Useful after all

It was nice to see Layla yesterday. Not just because she's a friend, but also (for more relevance to this blog) because seeing her reminded me of the very first draft ever of My Imaginary Ex. It was a short story I wrote in college that she, Camille, Deb and maybe Alexie read.

Medyo malabo yung story na yon, haha. Because I was in college and was all ponderous, cryptic and influenced by Alanis Morissette. :) Now, not so much. At least a strange, unclear and somewhat angry story back then turned out to be something more... well, fun and pink several years down the line. There's a life lesson there, if I look hard enough...

Thanks, Layla!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogger novice

I bumped up my original My Imaginary Ex post so it stays on top of the blog. Is there a way to do that without traveling forward in time?

Thanks: Liann and kao's friend. And to Bernice, again, for getting your friend a copy. (Just not sure how a guy would react to it, but never mind...)

And thanks all over again to Mimi! Loved your text. (It rhymed pa!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Related reading

My friend Katrina Ramos Atienza also writes chick lit. Inspiring, two ways:

1. Through her I found out how to get started and see something through to publication.
2. She didn't strike me as the "chick lit" type.

#2 is important to me because I don't feel like the chick lit type either, but that doesn't mean I'm excluded from writing it. I guess if you have that story in you, then go ahead.


Another round of shoutouts: Mimi, Tita Nel, Tita Nel's officemate, Tita Tess, Lola Stella, Tita Yeyeng, Lorie, pauleene and Andei (thank you again for the comments), and kao (whose email I will probably read when I have bad days for, like, ever).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes, let's just say it's you

Tibibord's question -- if he would recognize any people in the story I wrote -- made me wonder if people I know would by chance read it and recognize themselves in it. I said it's all fictional, but that's boring. I have friends who integrate people they know in their work all the time, so maybe it can't be helped.

So I guess as long as you like the way you think you were portrayed, then sure, it was probably you. How about that?


More thanks to: Bernice, Pinoy and my tito Chito!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh look! New layout

Sure, the notebook theme's a bit trite, but... prettier!

Thanks and much love to: Haydee, her sister Hazel, Camille, my friend Hazel, don't-mention-my-name-in-blog M, Tania, Iggy and Tibibord.

And of course to Mike. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day of cool

Yay! My Imaginary Ex is out now.

Upon quick browsing, I say this: I love what they've done with it. The cover, the little icon-type illustrations inside (I don't know what they're called), the typeface, the paper even.

So far the process of getting a book published has been fun, if a little nerve-wracking. Everyone should try it. :)

originally posted June 9, 2009