Sunday, June 21, 2009

Related reading

My friend Katrina Ramos Atienza also writes chick lit. Inspiring, two ways:

1. Through her I found out how to get started and see something through to publication.
2. She didn't strike me as the "chick lit" type.

#2 is important to me because I don't feel like the chick lit type either, but that doesn't mean I'm excluded from writing it. I guess if you have that story in you, then go ahead.


Another round of shoutouts: Mimi, Tita Nel, Tita Nel's officemate, Tita Tess, Lola Stella, Tita Yeyeng, Lorie, pauleene and Andei (thank you again for the comments), and kao (whose email I will probably read when I have bad days for, like, ever).

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