Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paperback shipping delays - and my apologies

If you ever emailed, tweeted, messaged, and asked me in person about the paperback editions of Fairy Tale Fail and Love Your Frenemies lately:

1. HUG. Thank you.

2. This is the story: I ordered a big batch, I did. In June. But this time, I sent it to family in the United States, hoping for it to be sent here along with a box of other things on its way here. It is not here yet. (Sorry!)

3. Update: I ordered a new, smaller batch of Fairy Tale Fail and Love Your Frenemies this week. It will be shipped directly to the Philippines. It will now be a race between the big box and the little box, but I hope this means that within a month you will get your copies.

So that's the story. I feel like I owe everyone hot fudge sundaes...

1 comment:

  1. I wantses! Do you have a reservation list or something for Love Your Frenemies? Or will I have to stalk you? *digs in closet for stalker outfit*