Saturday, June 1, 2013

Featured Reader: Kristel Satumbaga-Villar

To celebrate the upcoming release of Icon of the Indecisive, I'm posting readers' thoughts on the Interim Goddess of Love series.

Kristel was one of the first five to send in their thoughts, so she's getting a free Kindle copy of Icon of the Indecisive on release day next week!

Reading Interim Goddess of Love was like getting inside a time machine and being transported back in the good old days of college -- and maybe high school. It was a fun and exciting ride, as if I was there as one of the students of Ford River College witnessing the events first hand. 
I grew up reading Sweet Valley, Sweet Dreams and Love Stories books, where every story shows me more about the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and of course, dealing with young love. But it deals with American main characters and love interests, which gives me a different experience than what Interim Goddess of Love gave me. With its Filipino touch and setting, I can totally relate to Hannah in Interim Goddess of Love. I saw her as a former high school/college classmate, the type of batchmate you will always remember because she exudes that aura whenever she passes by the hallways, or gets caught up studying in the library -- someone you adore and wish you could be like her. And Quin, Diego and Robbie could be your typical school heartthrobs, whose names you usually write at the back of your notebook binders. 
Oh, I wish I grew up in a school like Ford River college with these wonderful people on it. 

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