Monday, May 27, 2013

Looking for more contemporary romances in English by Filipino authors? We just made some.

In January, pretty much on a whim, I decided to set up a free online class and teach anyone willing to write a contemporary romance novella.

100 people joined the Facebook group, where most of the discussions are taking place. Over 50 sent Assignment 1 (Premise and Ending), over 30 submitted Assignment 2 (Outline), about a dozen or so proceeded to writing their manuscripts, and some volunteered to beta-read work for others.

The class technically ends on June 9, when the complete 30,000-ish word novella manuscript is due.

As of today, eight (early bird) writers have submitted their novellas! Eight more contemporary romance novellas by Filipino authors exist now! Congratulations. Click on the links to read their thoughts on the class and how they finished their manuscripts:

The class isn't over yet, and I know that more are likely going to make it to the end. What I'm seeing so far though?
  • Yes it's possible for someone who has never written a 30,000 word anything to finish a contemporary romance novella in a matter of months.
  • Apparently the method that has helped me write and finish things can help other people write and finish things too.
What happens after June 9? I will be retiring the free version of the class. (People who want to try it out will have options though!) The Facebook group will remain up for as long as the community wants to discuss things, and I will continue to give feedback and review work, but I can't promise to do it on a regular sked. 

For the people who finish writing, I will be helping them out with whatever they want to do with their manuscripts.

And we will be starting a new (and open) writing project for those who just want to keep writing. 

This was so much fun to do. More news soon!

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