Thursday, June 21, 2012

Real stories and real people

Real life provides many wonderful prompts for stories. Except reality just happens to be oddly paced, anti-climactic, lacking in closure, and in some cases too crazy to be believed. So if you plan to base a story on real events and people, don't worry about sticking too close to the original (unless you're doing a non-fiction bio, I guess). At some point the story becomes yours. Let it go where you think it should go.

Besides, what's true anyway? One of my books was inspired by a real person's relationship, except I "changed her ending." Only to find out that someone else was in the same situation, and made the exact same choice. Did I know her daw, and did I base my story on her?

I don't know her, and I didn't base it on her, but I guess every story can be true for someone out there in the world. There are billions of people walking around with their own stories, after all.


  1. Yeah, so true! I've finished reading the two e-books that you sent me Mina! I'll be blogging about it soon! :)