Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Perk of scribbling without patience

You know the feeling when you think of a great scene, and can't wait for the story you're writing to build up to it? Sometimes impatience works.

I'm glad I gave in that one time. I thought of a scene, and instead of pulling my hair out trying to give it full context, I did the quick and lazy thing and just wrote it as it was. No context, no character building, just the scene as it came to me. It was two people talking. Specifically, one girl confronting someone who knew absolutely nothing about what she was talking about, and was amused by it.

Several years later, with enough time and motivation, that scene became the foundation for my first published novel, My Imaginary Ex. Couldn't have done it otherwise. So glad I wrote it down when I did. It was like I was able to bottle that thought for future use.

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