Sunday, February 26, 2012

The traveling twentysomething

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As much as I claim that I am not much like my novellas' characters, I did, like Ellie Manuel of Fairy Tale Fail, spend much of my money on travel. And the rest of my time thinking about it. Like her, I had to save up for these trips too, on a junior employee's salary at that. It's why my early trips were all on a budget, but those can be super satisfying, especially if the feeling of independence is what you're going for.

Eventually the trips got nicer as my career upgraded. I don't think I'm alone in this -- the traveling twentysomething sees the trip as a reward, and each one is a milestone.

My most memorable trips as a twentysomething traveler:

1. New York
Am I crazy, or did years of braving public transport in Manila make me feel so at home in New York City? It was overwhelming, but I just switched to EDSA mode and did just fine.

2. Bangkok
This city makes an appearance in Fairy Tale Fail. What I didn't mention in the book: the orange juice they sell on the street? It's got salt. Salt! You have been warned.

3. Palawan
Totally lives up to its reputation as, well, paradise. Have been there twice, and always feel that there's never enough time to see and do everything.

Another milestone? Finding someone to travel with, even though you've gotten used to going solo.

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