Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fairy Tale Fail paperback giveaway - And the winner is...

Celester Mejia! Send mailing address to minavesguerra at gmail dot com please. :)

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to all those who write and share about having discovered Fairy Tale Fail.


This is how it happened:

Entries -

1 Christine Frencillo
2 Celester Mejia
3 Celester Mejia
4 Celester Mejia
5 Elaine Yeung
6 Raphael Mones
7 Raphael Mones
8 Chachic's Book Nook
9 Chachic's Book Nook
10 Chachic's Book Nook
11 Chachic's Book Nook
12 Chachic's Book Nook
13 Chachic's Book Nook
14 Lily Mae Dlr Sandoval
15 Lily Mae Dlr Sandoval
16 Celester Mejia
17 Chachic's Book Nook
18 Marie Mones
19 Mariz Galang My review for 'No Strings Attached' Under the name Riz =)
20 Mariz Galang Another review, but under the name 'Lore' for my real name 'Lorenza' :))
21 Lily Mae Dlr Sandoval
22 Lily Mae Dlr Sandoval
23 Christine Frencillo!/mstine15/status/59062723048251392
24 Lily Mae Dlr Sandoval
25 Lily Mae Dlr Sandoval
26 Tricia Gervacio

And this is what selected...

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