Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sneak peek: Love Your Frenemies

An excerpt from the latest book project, soon available on Amazon and Smashwords.


Those who wanted to see Kimberly Domingo get hers had a lot of good stuff to choose from in the weeks and months that followed my non-wedding.

It started when I found out -- through a phone call in the early afternoon, to my cellphone, which I had taken while sitting at my workstation. It wasn't an office with a door, and my cubicle walls looked and felt like plastic reinforced by a layer of thin carpet. Yeah, no soundproofing when I started raising my voice.

"You're kidding me, right?" I tried to whisper, but as my former fiancé firmly explained to me that the wedding wouldn't be happening, my voice started to get loud and shrill. "What about the caterer?"

"We won't get our deposit back, but at least we haven't paid them in full yet."

"But my lola's already on her way!" Eighty-five years old and as we were speaking, flying in from California.

"I'm really sorry, Kimmy. But we really can't do this."

"You know what we can do? We can just shut up for a second and think about this. What happened?"

He was calm as he explained to me what his decision was, and what needed to be done. He had an answer for everything I threw at him: he was prepared to call all the companies we had booked to announce the cancellation, as well as all the guests, and was even offering to pay for a few things that I had advanced from my own account. And that I would have the money by Monday.

"Shit, Zack, I don't fucking care about the money right now! What the hell happened?"

I can't remember exactly what he said. I was in a rage, and when the phone call ended I was suddenly aware that I was in my place of work, and everyone probably heard that.

I don't remember the rest of that day. My mother told me that I came home late, but by then she already knew, because Zack had contacted her with his apologies. I have a vague memory of not wanting to go to work the next day. I remember crying into her lap, wiping tears onto the floral-patterned fabric of her nightgown, first with loud, angry sobs, and then hiccupping like a child. I had never felt like that before, ever.

Humiliated. That was the word.


  1. So excited for this. I disliked Kimmy for she reminded me of someone LOL but was curious to hear her side of the story.

  2. Oh this was a tough one! But thanks for maybe giving Kimmy a chance, hahaha.

  3. Oh yay, an excerpt! Looks like the book starts right where My Imaginary Ex left off. I think it's great that you decided to make a villain of one book the main character in this one. I look forward to reading it and I'm glad I can purchase it online. :)

  4. Yehey for this! Seems to me that this is a spin-off but it can stand on its own even if you did/didn't read My Imaginary Ex. I really, really hope I can buy this one!

  5. Chachic - That was the main reason why I took it on, as a personal challenge. This took a lot out of me, haha!

    Lee - That was the goal, yes. :)

  6. Of course, I was rooting for Zack x Jasmine but I never really tried to empathize with Kimmy until something like this happened to someone I know. There are always different sides to a story and I'm glad you chose to tell this one :)

  7. ooookay... this is something different! Excited to see how this all turns out... will I still "hate" Kimmy, or will I have a change of heart... Was she really heartbroken or was she just humiliated... my brain is going on overdrive haha :)
    oh, btw, since this seems to be like a sequel of sorts, you know whose love life I am curious about though, Mary and Lloyd haha
    sorry, I'm rambling :)

  8. dementedchris - For real? Oh no, hope she (or he) is okay.

    ulacakes - There's still a lot to hate about her, don't worry... that was exactly why this was so difficult!

  9. Excited for this! I've always been the type of person who always wonder what happens to the characters like Kimmy. They may be the unwanted antagonist in one story, but may be humiliated heart-broken in the other. Thank you for doing this spin-off. I'd love to see how she struggled in her life after that almost wedding. Zack and Jasmine may have a happy ending... but i'm sure that happiness left a big ugly scar in Kimmy's life.