Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's not forget email

The last post was full of shoutouts to people who talked about my books on the internet. I try to round those up and link as often as I can, especially now that I've admitted that I'm out there reading them too. :)

Now I'd like to devote some space to thank those who've emailed me directly recently, for one reason or another. Through them I've learned that:

- Ruel De Vera (hi, Ruey!) has read at least two reviews of my books for his class. I wonder if he has identified me as author from the last name and the choice of genre. (ie CHEESE)

- It is possible to meet "a Dante" in Boracay, if Dante were a Geneva-based Italian/British banker and REAL.

- I talk a LOT about college in my books, despite the characters all being in their twenties. It's like I have a college fascination or something.

- Atom Araullo is someone's idea of "a Dante." Not the guy I modeled the character on, but that is brilliant.

- Though I never named the church where the Ellie and Don scene happened, I did base it on a real one, and someone got it right.

Also, I was asked if I have ever written about me. No, never. I write about other people. Not that my own life is blah. It's quite nice, actually.

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