Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Updates - Social media, pages, and reviews

Facebook Page for Mina V. Esguerra. Visit and keep in touch, in case blogging or Twitter isn't your thing. :)

That page came about because I discovered what looks like the beginnings of a community page for My Imaginary Ex on FB. I can't keep up with everything that's happening on social media, it seems, and by the time I stumbled upon this it had been "liked" by 60 people. There are also some similarly-named pages ("Imaginary Ex" and "My Imaginary Ex-Boyfriend").

My Imaginary Ex also received more props this week on LivingSocial courtesy of a new review. Also found a blog that said something really nice, but will find a way to ask permission to repost first. (A comments module isn't chic anymore, apparently!)

More FTF: In theory, Fairy Tale Fail should be listed now in Barnes and Noble and the Apple iBook Store but I can't find it. Am I doing it wrong?

I actually should learn how to work the Barnes and Noble site because we apparently are giving my mom a Nook for Mother's day, and I want to be able to send her books as gifts without adding to the boxes of stuff she tends to keep around. (I hope my sister already gave it -- spoiler!)

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