Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Media roundup

I should have talked about this before I went on the radio, but frankly I was scared of burping or saying something stupid on the air.

Thankfully none of that happened (stupidity was kept at a minimum I think), so maybe I shouldn't have been too worried. Today Marla Miniano and I went on a radio tour promoting our respective Summit books. We visited 99.5 RT (Sam Oh and Gibb), Magic 89.9 (Boom and Mia), Jam 88.3 (Patty) and Wave 89.1 (Janice and Jerome).

Had a nice time, didn't burp at all, and reconnected with friend-from-college Patty. Fun!

And: My Imaginary Ex made the "Book News" section of Chick Lit Club.

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