Friday, July 10, 2009

In any order

I'm reading Emma right now, by Ms. Austen. I have to admit though, I only really knew Emma as the basis for the movie Clueless, and I'm imagining the cast from the movie but in the costumes of the era. It's weird.

In some cases, by the way, I'm totally for watching the movie before reading the book. Some movies make confusing but beautiful books a bit more accessible (The English Patient). The novel Atonement felt to me like an extra DVD feature for the movie, which explained everyone's motivations further, but didn't change the overall experience.

But I'm also reading Watchmen, and I wonder if I should have read it before I saw it. Because it's really really like the movie. It's like I'm watching it all over again.

Thanks to Emman, Troy and Iggy. :)

raf mentioned me in her blog.

And thanks to the people who left comments on the Summit Books page, posted reviews in Multiply, and added the book to their Friendster profiles. I wish you all a lovely day, and chocolate! From someone unexpected. :)

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