Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fantasy Casting: Dante of No Strings Attached

No, there is no movie version being planned for No Strings Attached (that I know of) but I recently hosted a giveaway for the book and asked people who they imagined Dante to be.

Dante, in case you haven't read the book, is twenty-four, a wushu instructor, and teaches Philippine history in a university.

These are the answers I got!

Joie Marie Crucena This is the first book I ever read that was yours  plus I imagined Dante looked like JC De vera :)))

Anna Lumanta Ave yes difinitely JC de vera...kahit wala pa akong nabasa sa mga libro mo, pero excited akong magkaroon niyan,maka visit nga sa bookstore.
JC De Vera. Had to skip a lot of shirtless pics to find this one.
Ailla Shareena Magcamit Slater Young seems fit for the role of Dante haha 

Kristel Ann Cruz Woo Yung of Survivor Season 28! 

Beya Maris Zanjoe Marudo 

Kat Sales Harry Shum Jr., or Rafael Rosell (even though they're older than Dante is. They're both fit, and look really hot in long sleeved polo, chinos, tie and glasses). 

Harry Shum Jr.
Rafael Rosell. Thanks, Ron.
Ronald Jeffrey S. Lim First person I thought of when I read the book was Luke Landrigan.

Annie Bag-ao I was thinking Dante na sporty, younger and hottie professor and with a guy-next-door vibe, so I'll be rooting for Alden Richards hehehehe.

But then we have this guy.

Biena Magbitang Haven't read this one but I think, since Daniel Matsunaga's only 25 (Watching PBB tells you a lot). Then, I think he can be Dante. Or is he a too buff to become a wushu instructor? Whatever. I like him. Haha. Or, since the question is hypothetical, how about Rico Yan (Haaay. My forever crush).

Rose Perez I agree on the Daniel Matsunaga suggestion!  Teka, isip muna ako ng iba pa.

Meliza Verano Caguimbal I read somebody says Daniel Matsunaga and I agree. 

Trisha Palasigue Daniel Matsunaga.

Because how can we not. 


  1. Daniel Matsunaga. No question. Lol!

  2. Awwww sayang I missed this.. To me, Dante was always Atom Araullo hahaha (... And I was Carla haha)