Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#buqosteamyreads! Get them for your Apple or Android device

They're here! Steamy adult romances, in English, by Filipino authors. Each story will be available exclusively on the buqo ebook store for one year, at $0.99 or P45 each. Get the buqo app on iOS or the Google Play Store, and then buy from the app, or through the site.

For a limited time though, you'll be able to get all of the stories (including a bonus one from me) for just P225 (less than $5)  if you get the bundles. Stock up on your steamy reads for the summer! 

I just tested this out by buying all the bundles, and while the Android and credit card payment gateway seems to be down right now, the bank deposit options seem available. And iTunes in-app purchases definitely work. 

If you've purchased and read a #buqosteamyreads story, let me know! Let's make some authors happy!

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