Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who are you, at Luna East?

Since we launched Luna East volume 1, I've been invited to speak at schools and give writing exercises. So what did I asked students to write about? Luna East!

We created this fictional universe for adults who wanted to write YA. But would kids be able to do this too?

Turns out, yes. At least, the fourth grade students at Miriam College were able to give it a shot.

Anyone can write a story set in Luna East Arts Academy. If you have one right now, go write it, post it, and share it -- and maybe you could win a copy of volume 1! (Also an awesome Luna East lanyard and keychain, making you totally a Luna East student!)

You can also buy the Amazon ebook, or order the paperback (Philippines).

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  1. Nagspeak na po pala kayo sa Miriam College?!