Friday, January 3, 2014

Work in progress: Anti Dynasty

Last year an idea came to me, and I wrote a short story thinking I'd be able to get it out of my system.

I did that, but obviously it wasn't finished, because I kept returning to those characters, kept checking in on what had happened to them after I had written "The End." It's kind of annoying. 

Then I realized that I was avoiding writing their story because I was afraid of what would happen to them. They won't be having the shiny happy lives that my characters usually have. 

Oh well. I'm going to try anyway. For my own peace of mind. This year I will try to finish writing a novella about Lourdes and Andres, which I am calling Anti Dynasty. It's combination utopian/dystopian new adult. I am not having shiny happy fun on this project, but I want to do it. 

The short story I wrote, called Extraordinary, is on Wattpad now, and is a prequel of sorts. You can read it on Wattpad, and soon on other ebook stores. 

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