Thursday, January 23, 2014

Playing Autumn (limited first edition) paperback giveaway

So here's the deal -- Playing Autumn, my novella included in the Rock Gods of Romance bundle, is going to eventually be released as a solo book. I delayed those plans because an exciting opportunity for the book popped up, but it required expanding the story, which I haven't started on yet. (Next month, promise!)

And then I fast-tracked the printing of a paperback because Dia Frampton and Meg Frampton are in town. I had the happy lucky chance to meet Dia last year, on her first visit to Manila, and gave her a copy of Fairy Tale Fail -- and she's been reading more of my books since then. So I thought that the perfect prezzie for her and Meg would be the book I wrote about musicians, right?

Tania Arpa designed the cover, and so quickly too. I owe her baked goods and perhaps fancy drinks.

Mission accomplished though! Meg and Dia got their copies on the night of their show at Hard Rock Cafe Makati.

(Dia's writing a novel too, and the bits that she's posted so far have been quirky and awesome.)

Some people have offered to buy the limited copies (thank you!) but since I don't know how much they cost yet (I pretty much just grabbed them from the printer as soon as they were done!), here's a giveaway for Philippine residents! Will post order details soon.

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  1. Hi Ms. Mina! Just a quick question. Can we buy an ebook of Playing Autumn only? Thanks. :)
    P.S. Didn't join this one na coz it seems harsh to win again (if ever!) to your other fans.

    1. Your prize includes this book! :-) Sending it on Monday :)