Friday, October 11, 2013

Filipino Friday 2013: Introduction!

Today's post is on "What Reader Species Are You?" based on this infographic.

I am a:

Kindle Convert: You say you still love the smell and feel of paper books but are totally addicted to the convenience of digital reading.
This is so me right now. I read on my Kindle, phone, and iPad. I prefer buying digital editions first, and then get the paperback only if it's cheaper, or that good. I live in a small space, and my husband also loves books, so if I want to read more, I have to go digital.

I am also a bit of a:

Free-Range "It's Complicated" Reader: You refuse to be defined or categorized. 
Though I have some favorites, I will actually try every genre if I can. I used to make it a rule to read something totally different after finishing a book.

Read more about Filipino Readercon.

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