Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Summit Chick Lit Fest

That was amazing. Seriously.

It's the first time for me to be part of a "signing" type thing and I wasn't sure what to expect but I must say, it was a wonderful day. I felt the love!

Thank you, Summit Books and National Bookstore. I will give all of you hugs, I will.

Next up: AKLATAN Book Fair at Alphaland Southgate (tomorrow, Sept 7!) and the Manila International Book Fair (Saturday, September 14!)

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  1. Hello Ms. Mina I was moved that your husband was the one who market sells your writing. I am one of those who availed your (buy 5 for 200 ebook) and now im thinking its because of my bad handwriting so I havent got it until now. Anyhow here is my email address hoping that you could resend it again for me: riacorcuera@gmail. Thank you so much Ms. Mina! I'm a fan :)