Sunday, August 11, 2013

A taste of my own medicine: Going through #romanceclass

Assignment 1 (sort of) and 2
I'm starting a new contemporary romance novella project (calling it Iris Moving On), and I decided to put myself through my own novella writing class. I will have to modify it slightly because this project is not my usual romance novella, but I think the #romanceclass steps will still be helpful.

So this past week, I got to work on Assignment 1 (Premise and Ending) and Assignment 2 (Outline). I'm not exactly done with the ending though, because I pretty much just decided on the outcome, but didn't determine yet the circumstances. That got a little clearer though when I worked on my outline. I also spent some time on names, because they are so important. You'd think it would be easy to give characters names, since there are thousands in existence, but this is my tenth (!) novella project and it's getting harder to just pull out names that I really like.

Next up? I'll think about the ending some more. And then in parallel, will start on Assignment 3 (Act One).

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  1. Right now I'm outlining my "sequel" for my #romanceclass novella, and I've been getting Assignments 1 and 2 mixed up in the process. Right now it's getting overly cutesy/quirky, but I'm hoping that I have the whole process sorted out soon.