Monday, February 25, 2013

Summit's Interim Goddess of Love

In case you're a first-time visitor to my blog, here's the short story: I wrote Interim Goddess of Love in 2011 after challenging myself to come up with my first YA fantasy trilogy. In January 2012, I self-published it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere, and sold special edition paperback copies.

Months later, my traditional publisher Summit Media offered to distribute it in Philippine bookstores. This meant that the book I wrote for Filipino young adults finally got the platform that'll help the most Filipino young adults (and maybe the not so YA) discover it. Thank you, Summit. I also made an effort to thank the people who supported IGoL in its "indie" phase (aka the First Edition Club), and I named names. They're found at the very last page of the Summit edition.

Of course I forgot a few names apparently, and will make up for it in the next book. Sorry! And thank you!

Get your copy of Interim Goddess of Love, available in local bookstores now(ish)!

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