Sunday, December 30, 2012

This writer's 2012 by the numbers

2 new books published
1 book re-released for Philippine market
1 manuscript finished
4 indie publishing workshops organized
3 tv appearances
6 speaking engagements 
3500+ indie books sold/given away

I don't have figures from Summit yet, but That Kind of Guy made it to National Bookstore's bestseller list (#9) so I'll just imagine happy numbers for now.

Thank you, readers! And thanks too, writers and artists I've met, going on your own exciting journeys. 

The plan for next year? To keep writing. :) 

P.S. Interim Goddess of Love is having a good year too! It's been mentioned on the following yearend lists!
GMA News' 12 Recommended Reads from 2012
One More Page's 12 Best Books of 2012
The Blair Book Project's Best in Books 2012


  1. congratulations mam esguerra for yor books that have been published this year !
    i bought all your books that is available here in legazpi. i hope that you write more interesting and more amazing books. GodBless ! and best of luck for the year 2013 !

    1. Thank you, Darlene! Happy holidays to you and all the best for 2013!

  2. Would there be a Summit Books re-publishing of Interim Goddess of Love? :) (I got the first 2 Summit Books re-published copies already - Love Your Frienemies and Fairy Tale Fail) :)

    1. Hi there! I'll find out soon if it's a go... I think there's a good chance naman. :)