Monday, March 12, 2012

Pajamas Tip: Become an ebook retailer affiliate

Another way to earn while in pajamas. Or your choice of sleepwear.

There's a column in one of my ebook sales reports that I always see, but never really thought about: Affiliate Sales.

Smashwords, the incredibly helpful publishing/distribution platform for ebooks (I use them for all of my independently-published books), also offers their members to option to become an affiliate. Meaning anyone -- through websites, blogs, or social media accounts -- can earn money by successfully referring an ebook to someone. The standard percentage is 11%, but it can go higher depending on the author/publisher. This is credited to a Paypal account.

I understand why some will decide against doing this, but if you actually are, and as an affiliate you've been responsible for helping my sales go up, please tell me about it? I would like to say thanks.

Signing up as a Smashwords affiliate, by the way, means you can earn from referring any Smashwords book, and not just mine. (For the record.)

Amazon also has an affiliate program, although I don't get any reports from them. But all the same, if you're an Amazon affiliate and you've actually helped sell my books, tell me, please!

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