Thursday, February 2, 2012

Interim Goddess of Love - updates!

If you live in the Philippines and prefer paperback books, look here! Interim Goddess of Love the paperback (Philippine edition) is now available via my Multiply store. It's about the size of a Summit Book (4.25 x 6.75 inches) and is P300. (Add about P50-P100 for shipping.)

Last week, I experimented with making IGoL free on Amazon for two days, thanks to an Amazon promo. I announced it only to the mysterious mailing list, but eventually word got around, and more people were able to try out this little YA/romance/fantasy/Filipino novella.

How did it do? Amazing. It peaked at #5 in the Top Free Downloads for the Romance/Fantasy genre. Its 2-day download rate beat Fairy Tale Fail's best month. (And FTF is my achiever!) I'm still figuring out the lessons learned from this new experiment, but here are a few things:

1. The potential is huge for Filipino writers out there (in the Amazon jungle).
2. Free is another way to get noticed and "bought." Whether it leads to anything, will have to wait and see.
3. I will probably do this again.

PS. I'm writing IGoL #2: QotC now. Right now. There will be more.


  1. I sent a tweets and emails to book blogger friends when IGoL was available for free download. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll review it and spread the word. I'm in the process of writing my review but I'll post it soon! Next week, at the latest. Thanks for giving us a chance to download IGoL for free, Mina. :) Can't wait for the sequels.

  2. Thank you, Chachic! I think the recommendations really help. Especially in the beginning when no one really knows what the book is about!

  3. Lines up for IGoL 2. TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY, WOMAN!