Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Survey giveaway winner #1

I recently invited readers of this blog to answer a short survey about how they found out about my books. I offered a giveaway didn't I? So now the first winner is...


Choose one please:
1. Fairy Tale Fail paperback
2. Love Your Frenemies paperback
3. Free copy of my next book (when it comes out)

Those who already answered the survey will still be part of future giveaways. :) Thank you for participating! And if you haven't yet, drop by and submit your answers anytime.


  1. awww shucks I missed this!!! no new giveaway?!?! hehe

  2. Cool! Thanks for this! I had fun answering the survey :D I'll just email you my choice :)

  3. @Ula Pwede pang humabol! Will hand stuff out every now and then siguro.

    @Evert Will wait for it!