Friday, September 30, 2011

New Kindles! How excited am I

I'm happy to report that as far as indie digital publisher/authors go, I am a walker and not just a talker. Meaning, I read ebooks and own e-readers. We had to temporarily move when I had a baby this year, and that meant being separated from my paper TBR pile, but at least I had my Kindle. And Kindle for PC on my netbook. And just a few weeks ago, my Kindle for Android and Kindle Cloud Reader.

For the first time in years, majority of my reading time I've spent using a device. (33 out of 37 books read so far this year! That is a record.)

We're considering getting both the Kindle Touch (for the husband, so he'll have a dedicated reader) and the Kindle Fire for me. Why get the tablet when my other devices are just fine? Watch out, rationalization ahead: I want to see how the tablet's color, multitouch display, size and other new features affect how readers will experience my books. I formatted them with Kindle's e-ink grayscale display in mind. Maybe I should think in color now, especially as I plan for future work? Maybe I should add special features?

(Finish the book first, girl. Finish it!)


  1. the hubby pre-ordered the Kindle TOuch 3G for me. I really want to try having a free 3G gadget. Now I'm thinking I should get all my textbooks in kindle format to make full use of it :-)

  2. You should! Let me know how useful it is in actual work situations. :)