Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's good to go out sometimes

A busy week, in terms of writing. (And everything else, but that's another story.)

On Saturday, I attended my first Goodreads Filipino Group meetup. I now understand why these things can last for hours and hours. It was too bad that I only had a couple to spare, but I'm glad that I was able to meet them. (And Tina of One More Page, finally!) I also confessed then and there that I was a lurker, or at least a drive-by poster, and hope that I can find more time to discuss things. In case I haven't stressed it enough, I am very grateful for their support.

I was also able to meet author Samantha Sotto, whose novel Before Ever After has just been released. She is smart and lively, and I like her -- even if she favors the Tenth Doctor over my Nine and Eleven. (At least we don't have to share.)

On Monday, I spoke at St. Scholastica's College Manila (for something else, not an author thing) and offered freebies to students who knew the titles of my books. Lo and behold, we have winners! I've got your names and will email you soonish, promise.

Today, Thursday, I finally finished another draft, something I've been calling the TKoG project. I will let it sit and stew for a bit, before sending it off to the editor.

I'm actually glad that's somewhat over, because I am so excited about my new project. I'm calling it IGoL, and until recently I was too chicken to write it. I hope I hope I hope this works out.

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  1. LOL!!! David Tennant's mine, all mine! :D

    It was SO great to meet you! We should throw an embrace-your-inner-geek party! :D