Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Imaginary Ex on your iPad

You can now buy My Imaginary Ex as an ebook for your iPad, PC or Mac! It's via Zinio, and is available for $3.99. Unlike the Kindle version of my ebooks, this one looks exactly like the print version -- typeface, tiny illustrations and all. (It even has the blank pages that are put in when preparing a paperback.) It's as if you got it off a shelf at a local bookstore. :)

Zinio also offers magazine subscriptions and I understand that it works very well on iPads. I have an account, but their reader's been buggy on my PC.

Very excited about this, because this is a title that was previously unavailable internationally. I don't think it's on the Kindle or Nook stores yet, but still, yay for being on Zinio!

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