Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where to find the books

I've encountered this question enough times that I think it deserves its own post: Where can I find [your book]? This might sound strange, but by now I have four novellas out, and you likely won't be able to see all four side by side in the same bookstore. I appreciate so much the messages from people who've maybe read one and want to know where the others can be found, so here's a cheat sheet.

The "traditionally published":

My Imaginary Ex is published under Summit Books. It's in paperback for P150, and in theory can be found in bookstores like National, Powerbooks, Booksale, etc. But this first came out in 2009 and by now is a bit hard to find. But at least it's listed now on National Bookstore's site, so in case you can't find it on your regular mall trip there's another option for you. Buy the ebook for the PC, iPad, and Mac via Zinio.

No Strings Attached was also published by Summit Books, and is also in paperback for P150. This is fairly new, published late 2010, and usually the bookstores have it on stock. Check out National, Powerbooks, Booksale, Fully Booked and your nearest mall magazine stand. You can also order it online via the National Bookstore site, and possibly have it shipped outside the Philippines. Buy the ebook for the PC, iPad, and Mac via Zinio. And now there's a Kindle edition!

The "indies":

Fairy Tale Fail is self-published, and you will not be seeing this in local bookstores but if you've got a credit card (and you don't mind reading ebooks) then this will be easier to find. It's on Amazon ($0.99 US, $2.99 Asia-Pacific), and can be read not just on Kindles but on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Blackberry phones and Android phones. So go ahead and read it with your gadget of choice! If you have Paypal then it's easier (and cheaper) to get it from Smashwords. If you have a Nook, you can also get it from Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. If you prefer the Apple iBookstore, it's there too. Get it on Flipreads if you're in the Philippines and prefer paying through non-credit card means.

If you MUST have the paperback, yes it's available on Amazon ($7.99). But if you're in Metro Manila or the Philippines, you can also order one from me (if there's stock) for P350, just visit my Multiply store.

Love Your Frenemies is also self-published, and you can get the paperback from Amazon ($7.99). Or me, for P350 plus shipping. Get the ebook from Amazon ($0.99 US, $2.99 Asia-Pacific), Smashwords ($0.99), Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, the Apple iBookstore and Flipreads. In the Philippines? Get the paperback from my Multiply store.

Interim Goddess of Love is available on Amazon ($0.99 US, $2.99 Asia-Pacific). Buy the tiny paperback from Multiply (P300).


  1. Hello Ms. Mina :)
    Is there a possibility that your books: Fairy Tale Fale and Love Your Frenemies, would be available in National bookstore?

  2. Hi, Rose Ann! Unfortunately I don't think I can promise that. (Unless someone offers to go work on it for me.) Just email me if you feel like buying the paperback, though, since I usually have copies.

  3. I just asked 'coz for now I have no more budget to buy it right away.
    Thanks Ms. Mina :)

  4. Hi Mina! Got your book, No Strings Attached, from Zinio and I was instantly hooked. Found myself relating to Carla's predicaments, well except the Dante part. Hehe! Now currently reading IGoL.

  5. Thank you so much, Rose! And the Zinio version looks exactly like the print version, glad you were able to try it.

  6. I just read fairy tale fail on my nook and I loved it. I also bought love your frenemies. How can I get your other books for a nook tablet? I can't seem to find them as an epub....

  7. Hi, anon! :) Sorry, my three other books (that you don't have yet) aren't available for the Nook right now. Interim Goddess of Love eventually will be, but it'll take a few months.

    As for My Imaginary Ex and No Strings Attached, I'll have to check with my publisher if they're working on getting them on epub.

    Thanks for coming over! Hope I can have better news for you soon.