Friday, December 17, 2010

First round of thanks for No Strings Attached readers

No Strings Attached has been out for a week, and here's my first round of shoutouts to the people who've been so generous with their time (and money).

Thank you, Chachic, Tina, Lee, Layla, Hazel N, Tin, M and popandcrackle!

And to address a few things that I read/heard in the first week:

From Chachic's review: "The focus isn’t the build up of the love story but rather the complications involved in their relationship."

Very true, although not what I intended. Let me just share -- when I got back into a romance groove, I decided to write three love stories based on the three different love interests I felt I could write about. (My Imaginary Ex, Fairy Tale Fail, and Love Your Frenemies represent all that.) No Strings Attached was a fun thing I tried based on a friend's suggested concept, but it happened to get noticed first.

From Tina's review: "I liked how Carla seemed like a very real person, and her friends offer enough contrast to her for the readers to see the different sides of the story without telling it to them in a long monologue of sorts from the heroine."

Thank you. I did base her on a real person, who would likely never do what Carla did. Oh well, fiction. :)


  1. Thanks for linking to my review, Mina! And for always being so easy to communicate with. I bought several copies of No Strings Attached as Christmas gifts and I already sent a copy of that and My Imaginary Ex to Holly (Book Harbinger). I hope she gets it soon.

    Keep us posted on how things are going with Love Your Frenemies. :)

  2. So honored to be a Christmas gift item! And to be part of your care packages. :)

    Keep us posted on how things are going with Love Your Frenemies. :)

    I will! News on it after the Christmas break, one way or another. :)