Monday, July 26, 2010


So this was in the mail for me today! It's the proof of Fairy Tale Fail from CreateSpace, the company that's helping me work out the print publishing side of this experiment.

The cover (photographed by Bianca Pascual and designed by Michael Co) came out as pretty as I imagined it to be. There's a slight color mismatch but that's my fault, and it's a consequence of using a gradient for the background but kebs, the gradient is cute.

The other quibble I have is that the book doesn't have printing on the spine (too thin according to the app -- but it's not really!). I can change it by adding pages to make the book thicker, but that just makes it more expensive.

That said, this edition also has two pages of notes, about the Filipino words and cultural context. (Because Laura suggested it.) Nothing else has changed, except for formatting.

Off to read and edit. :) And I hope this shows up on Amazon in paperback soon!


  1. Yay!:D I can recommend it to people who don't read e-books now.

  2. Thanks, Laura! And I can't blame them -- I felt a thrill when I read it in book form for the first time. Paper still has something about it. :)