Monday, April 26, 2010

Now that was a fun week

It's been eight days since the electronic publication of Fairy Tale Fail on the Amazon Kindle Store. Did I mention how much fun this past week has been? Oh right.

A few days later, the ebook was published on Smashwords, which makes things easier for the non-Kindle public.

I got some encouraging words from the lovely people at Kindleboards. And with that, some interest in my previous work, which makes me feel good that there was previous work, and that there will be future work. Putting myself out there was strange and a little scary, but I'll do it to show that I'm serious about my decision to write more.

So this: My Amazon Author Page. If all goes well, with proper blog syndication too.

Fairy Tale Fail got its first non-friend, non-editor, non-editor/friend review: "I really enjoyed Ellie's voice, and Lucas was adorable." (Link is spoilery. But Lucas is adorable, that's no spoiler.)

I appreciate any bit of feedback, but what tickles me right now is that the early readers didn't mind the occasional Tagalog words. I made a call to not write in Taglish, but use Tagalog if a translation would change the effect. Glad to see that so far, it wasn't too much of a distraction. (The comment about adding a glossary or some cultural endnotes is something I'll take into consideration though!)


  1. Lucas is love. Ay, fiction pala to.

    I would also love to do a review. But you know how biased I am to this story. Hope to still do the cover of your future work! :)

  2. Hi :) It was me who posted the Amazon review (lib2b on Kindle Boards). I really did enjoy the book, and Lucas is just perfect. At times while reading he would say or do something that just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and want to shake Ellie for even thinking about Don anymore at that point. Which...if that is too spoilery to say in the comments, you can delete the comment.

  3. hi mina! just finished reading your book my imaginary ex,, and i so liked it..^^ yun nga lang,,. naulit ung chapter 10, 11, and 12 dun sa published book mo,,. na share ko lang in case di nyo napansin.. pero nagustuhan ko talaga siya,, and i can't wait to buy "fairy tale fail". ^-^

  4. @Laura Ellen Thank you for the review! And I'm leaving your comment up -- it's exactly what I was going for with the whole Don thing, glad you saw it. :)

    @tenoriojenny Yikes! I'll check and tell my editor! Thank you too for liking and telling me about it. Enjoy the new book!

  5. @maletapacker Excited to finish the next one tuloy, so we can design covers na. :P