Friday, July 3, 2009

Ad sighting

Couldn't find the June Cosmo in the first three places I checked, so went with the July issue instead. There's still an ad there (love that Summit synergy).


  1. i promoted your book na to all the people i know who loves to read and who loves love stories. :)

  2. Uy thanks raf. :) You've probably done more PR for me than I have for myself!

  3. HAHAHA. naaah. but yeah. since hardly anyone has bought a copy, many are in line for my friend's :)) as in everyone wants to read it. haha they were like "raf, is that yours?" then i go, "no it's mia's." then they briskly run to mia's chair and asks her if they can borrow it. they go "parang ang ganda e, my imaginary ex" cause everyone has an ex. hahahahahahaha :))