IGoL Commentary

Best listened to after you've read Interim Goddess of Love, Queen of the Clueless and Icon of the Indecisive. Contains spoilers!

This audio commentary features the author, and book bloggers Chachic Fernandez of Chachic's Book Nook, Tina Matanguihan of One More Page, Meann Ortiz of The Girl Who Read and Other Stories, and Chris Mariano of Ficsation.

Some topics covered in this discussion:
  • Who wrote The Legend of the Sun and the Moon from Book 1
  • The real-life events, rituals, and people that appear in some form in the books
  • Does Ford River exist?
  • The love triangle/square
  • What's different in the Summit edition
  • Fictional authors, books, movies, paintings, and myths featured in the books
  • Who is the project in book 3?
  • Vida's short story, Gifted Little Creatures
  • How did they think it was going to end?
If you listened to the commentary, and you have more comments and questions, do post them here! Thank you so much for reading the Interim Goddess of Love trilogy. 

photo from Chris Mariano

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  1. Hi Miss Mina. I love IGoL, I truly do. I haven't read the book 3 though ( since wala pa sa Summit) but I know it would be pretty awesome as the two books does. Hope I can have my books signed by you! :) More powers!